Born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, Austin grew up playing many different sports and enjoying everything that area had to offer. Through all of his activities, he developed a love for the sport of wrestling and made it a large part of his life from the age of 7 through his 3 years of undergrad.




An in-depth exam that goes after the root of the problem, not just the symptoms.


A complete explanation of what we believe your diagnosis to be, and the different steps we can take together to help you achieve your health and performance goals.


03. Therapies that help calm down symptoms including: chiropractic adjustments, dynamic cupping, soft tissue mobilization, and dry needling.


Physical rehabilitation exercises to help you control your treatment and take your health and performance back into your own hands!

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Lindsey VanZandt
Lindsey VanZandt
Austin is the best of the best. I have worked with a lot of strength and conditioning coaches and he can kill u and fix u all in 1 session. He has so many skills that can help fix any pain or injury you may have. He is so knowledgeable and caring and can work with anyone. Highly recommend!!
Tony Calvis, Jr.
Tony Calvis, Jr.
Dr. Austin Schoen is awesome to work with! I had an impact injury in my foot from sparring, and Warrior Sports Wellness helped me entirely through my recovery and rehabilitation. The results of his work came incredibly fast, and I was back to 100% in a much shorter time window than I expected. Facilities and equipment were top notch, and it looks like they have everything they need and more. If you practice any kind of combat sport or martial art and need physical rehabilitation or therapies, I’d highly recommend Warrior Sports Wellness.
Ernest Bianchi
Ernest Bianchi
Very enlightening and helpful. Dr. Schoen is very knowledgeable and professional
Lear miller
Lear miller
Great experience with Austin, looking forward to future visits.
George Frattarelli
George Frattarelli
Dr Austin is as real as they come. He worked some magic on my back and calf. As a medically retired military I’ve grown sick of “VA” style care. Austin did an eval, asked what my goals were and created a program to get me to functional and then beyond. I have frequent lower back, hip shoulder and calf issues. He got me back to running and rolling in bjj. He works with fighters, either in heart or on a mat/octagon he has a plan to help make you perform. I need to get in more. I highly recommend you check his services out and take advantage of his plan to make you fight at your best.... via 45 y/o you have no excuses!
Katherine Mahoney
Katherine Mahoney
I was referred to Dr. Austin through Fight Ready, resulting in the most valuable advice I received in over a decade. After life transformed my spine into points of excruciating pain, I thought I was bound to suffer for the rest of my duration on earth. Many doctors prior to Dr. Austin either stated that pain is life, deal with it, or the physicians would suggest injecting some form of substance into my body to “help me with the pain” I prefer a more organic form of treatment, so I continued my search. Dr. Austin genuinely cared for my obvious discomfort from the moment I entered his office. He is by far the most professional man I have encounter in his industry, supplying knowledge with the deliverance of empathy. I was at a constant level of 7 for my pain scale - from morning to night. After 10weeks: listening, applying, and actively trying to improve my physical condition, Dr. Austin’s motto, “Motion is Lotion”, along with the “Physical Ibuprofen” My pain scale is now at a one. With flare ups minimally. Dr. Austin has aided in saving my life, further more, I am grateful that the world has a doctor as kind, sharing, and knowledgeable as him. Thank you for your considerate intelligence Dr. Austin.