Weight Lifting Class

Dr. Austin Schoen

Born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, Austin grew up playing many different sports and enjoying everything that area had to offer. Through all of his activities, he developed a love for the sport of wrestling and made it a large part of his life from the age of 7 through his 3 years of undergrad. It was this sport that pushed him towards the field of Chiropractic medicine. Moving through his education, he progressed to the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse studying Exercise and Sports Science. Upon completing his 3rd year he was offered early admission into his Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine and Masters in Sports Medicine, which he completed in September of 2019. While in school, Dr. Austin also completed over 500 continuing education hours. He was the head of his schools branch of Motion Palpation Institute and has taken multiple DNS (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization) courses. He has also become qualified in Dynamic cupping, Dry needling, IASTM and Soft tissue mobilization.

Having both good and bad experiences with the various injuries that inevitably happen with grappling, he saw a disconnect between recovering from injury and returning to high levels of performance. Because of this, Austin has made it his #1 priority to create an environment that promoted this idea of Performance Care. By blending Exercise Science, Chiropractic care, Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation; He feels that he can help the Warriors in life the way they deserve. Offering individualized care that focuses on your needs as an athlete and Warrior should be the standard, and with Austin, it is.