Low Back Program For Combat Sports

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Do you love participating in combat sports? Have you started to develop low back problems that are limiting your ability to practice? Well, we at Warrior Sports Wellness have the program for you.

Most low back problems do not require getting medication or hands on care. The first stop for almost all low back issues is targeted exercise designed to get rid of symptoms and make you more resilient than ever! That’s why we designed the Low Back Program For Combat Sports.

Whether you are a new white belt or a professional fighter, this online program allows you to take back control over your low back. More importantly, it allows you to get back to the combat sports you love most.

This 4 week course covers:

  • Calming down symptoms
  • Laying the groundwork for a resilient low back
  • Discussing effective movement strategies
  • How to apply these new skills to life as a combat athlete

If you give it a shot and it doesn’t seem to be the right fit for you, let us know within the first week and we will give you a full refund. Try it out and be sure to keep us updated with how it’s going!

This program is perfect for recreational, amateur, or professional:  Jiu-Jitsu Players, Wrestlers, Boxers, MMA fighters, Muay-Thai Fighters, Kickboxer.

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Introduction and assessment

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