5 Actionable Assessments

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Link to Video of all tests: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwBpNpqep4s&feature=youtu.be

Assessing your ability and measuring improvement gives your training meaning. We offer 5 different qualities to test and how to test them within this episode. These are qualities that we have identified to be important within high level MMA and grappling sports. Training these qualities and assessing them via these tests is instrumental to optimize performance capability. 

The 5 Assessments and what to look for:1. 3RM Trapbar Deadlift – Strength, Neuromuscular Coordination, Compensation Patterns, and Trunk Stability2. Low Bear Lift Off – Scapular control, Contra-lateral trunkstability3. 6 second Repeat Sprint – Alactic energy system abilities, max wattage, and drop off. 4. Side Lying Shoulder Sweep – Lumbar Extension, T-Spine Mobility, Anterior-Oblique Sling5. Standing Medball Rotational Punch – Total body Power, Specific Power, Ipsilateral patterning and power development. 

These 5 movements are a sneak preview into the up and coming Building a Fighter Assessment which will serve as a backbone for the care and strength programming that we provide. Any good program is individualized and customized by sport, person, weight, class, or training goals. This assessment is pivotal in individualization and creating an effect results-based program for our fighters. 

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