Anatomical Approach to Training: The Trunk

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0:14 “Bandana-ed Assassin” new official title? 

0:30 Intro to this anatomical series. The Trunk! What is the trunk? How do we meaningfully train it. Diaphragm to Diaphragm. 

2:35 Heavy weight! The best trunk work. Compound lifts, deadlift, squats, etc. recruit the core muscles the most! Your “abs” don’t help stabilize your trunk. Austin outlines some good anatomy around the trunk. The Transverse Abdominis. 

5:10 How important is breathing in relationship to training the trunk? Austin nerds out, which was great. Stabilizing load, and also creating power via trunk stability, and breathing! Don’t have to get stuck on breathing. Bracing is different. 

9:09 The “Power Barrell.” Staying Braced while breathing, transitioning away from only bracing when you inhale and “push out.” The discrepancy between high performance training and powerlifting/weightlifting. 

11:10 “You need to brace as much as necessary, but as little as possible.” – Austin via a coaching tree. On a continuum. MMA is way more toward the fluid stability than rigid positions. 

13:08 “21st Century Core Training”  The core as a force transducer rather than a force producer. Anti – movements for the trunk!

16:46 Injury risk mediation, as well as relief of your spine. Alex’s Injury history, and sob story. 

21:30 Treat the root and the core, not the symptoms within most contexts! Don’t make problems if you don’t have solutions. 

23:50 Acute care- when you are having symptoms and currently injured. Sub-acute begin to pattern, and re-learn stabilization strategies. Correctly segueing into loading then performance phases of training. Continuum. 

29:30 It’s a graded process. Perspective.

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