Do This, Not That

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0:30 Introduction into today’s topic: Good ways to improve training vs expensive ways to maybe improve training. 

1:11 Topic 1 – When training agility do gamification, reactive games, and tag vs using a speed ladder. Agility is reactive not choreographed. Mirror drills, spike ball, and tag. 

4:25 Topic 2 — Return on Investment when buying tech. Do invest in velocity based training (VBT) not fit lights or other “cognitive tech.”  VBT is the way forward when doing weight lifting better. 

6:22 Robust physical preparation – Tim Murray, Sports Performance coach at the University of Denver. Great resource for VBT. 

8:30 There is value in how you do things not always what you do. Landmine bar throw at the UFCPI. VBT as a readiness score! VBT is so very versatile and a great investment. 

13:00 Topic 3 – Do active recovery and strength work not just passive recovery modalities. Attack to cause of the pain/injury not the symptoms. Pso-rites, Thera-guns address the symptom not the cause. 

16:05 There are not bad tools, but bad tools for a certain job.  There are not bad tools but there are bad mechanics. Invest your time and efforts, do not spend time. 

17:00 Invest in these effective modalities don’t spend on the other popularized training ineffective practices. 

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