EPISODE 100! What Do Coaches Need To Know About Healthcare?

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Our Zone #2! Austin goes off in the realm of Sports Performance Heatlthcare and return to performance. How do we modify practice, S&C, or movement to completely enable each and every athlete despite any injury/irritation. We talk about how healthcare practitioners can create better relationships and be involved in the training process not just the rehabilitation process. Concussions and other typical MMA injuries are also a huge topic that we cover in this podcast. Austin runs through typical avenues of injury in MMA how to analyze and treat/handle each. As always we should be diligent in our scope and aware enough of our professional limitations. Austin knocks this out of the park by specifically addressing what an optimal return to performance protocol can look like with a skilled healthcare practitioner. WE hope you have enjoyed BaF through 100 episodes! WE are excited for this milestone and can’t wait to see what the next 100 Pods look like, Thanks for keeping up with us on this journey. 


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