Hard Work Vs. Talent

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0:20 “Beautiful, gorgeous, fantastic” Talking about Alex. Talent vs. Hard work.

0:55 Range & The Sports Gene – David Epstein debating talent and genetics and where to put your work in. 

3:21 You need work ethic, and commitment to an extent. What is the real effect? “Jorge Masvidal Effect.” 

5:31 “Genetic Potential?” What even is that? Unquantifiable. Joe Rau example. 

8:15 Enter sexual maturity, how much potential is within this time frame?  What do you factor in to burst through the ceiling?

11:00 Let your coach be your brakes. Work smarter not harder. Athletes should gain awareness along the process. Give the athlete input and ownership within the session!

12:41 What is the psychology of all of this, how should we account for that? Creating environments. Context based. Self-starters within mma, you have to be one. 

15:50 Motivation and locus of control. “My job as a coach is not to motivate you.” – Alex  Where is the autonomy, is that sustainable? Athletes preparing themselves is a skill too. 

17:50 Athlete not being able to motivate themselves is more of a limiter than genetics will ever be. 

19:10 Kasey Tanner – Intentional work. Intent and effort.  What you do does not set you apart, the how you do things will set you apart.

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