He Who Only Treats The Site Of Pain Is Lost

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When you have a leak in your roof? What do you do? Place a bucket under the drip to catch the water, right? Well yes, but then what? You get on the roof and fix the leak, or you call and pay someone to do it. The drip is the symptom, the damaged roof is the problem. As healthcare practitioners we are interested in fixing the roof, not just replacing the bucket.  

Pardon the long form analogy, but that is what we talk about in this episode. How as athletes you deserve to correct and see the problem for what it is, not continually hurt, and pay money to treat a symptom. Try to see the second and third order effects of the sport demands and of your movement. Then solve problems from there. Don’t just rub the boo-boo, acknowledge the boo-boo then change the cause of why it happens. This is the theme of this episode. 


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