How to Better Cue and Coach Your Athletes in MMA

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0:40 Bit of a recap of UFC 251. Petr Yan, Thug Rose & Jessica Andrade. Volko v. Holloway scoring? 

3:14 Cueing, attentional focus, and motor learning. “The Language of Coaching” – Nick Winkelman. 

4:15 Internal v. External cueing. What are you referencing? Something inside the body (internal), or something outside the body (external). When, How, and Where to cue, or not. Internal – slow controlled movements, external – explosive, reactive movements. 

7:20 “Does the cue fit the context?” 

7:40 “Attention is a pizza…” – Austin. What do you want your athletes focusing on? 

9:15 Attention is not physically exclusive. What else are your athletes focusing on besides what they are doing? 

10:15 Motor performance – in the movement. Motor learning – permanent change in behavior, can your athlete do the same correct movement 10-15 days later. 

11:35 Analogies, Twerking! Thor bending the barbell! Ironman Arc Reactor! Connect to your athlete! Understand them!

15:45 Verbal cueing and cornering. Bring the athletes in! Roles of the coach in the corner. 

18:25 Pretend like Alex has his thoughts together. 

19:13 Gabriele Wulf’s studies on cuing and practical integration of research. Cueing and instructing vs. noise. The less you say the more impactful your words are. 

22:40 Recap – Internal to External cueing, it’s a progression! Cue specifically and with intention! Athlete’s and people’s attention is finite.  Context matters! Be natural in your cuing. 

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