How to Implement Different Types of Training in Your Workouts

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Back in our zone! We consciously try to explore topics that get us out of our comfort zone both to spread knowledge and awareness as well as grow in our own understanding of those topics. This is not one of those podcasts. We are talking about various training methodologies to accomplish training goals. We go through Triphasic training, Density circuits, and  Contrast training. What are they, why utilize them, and we give specific examples where they could be useful for an mma athlete. We felt like we were in the zone with this podcast and will continue to mix it up in the future. Some ways we are looking to expand are starting new series (book club), researching new topics (coaching literature, coaching mental performance), as well as hit homeruns in our own zones. Please drop us a note or comment on what you would be interested in hearing from Building a Fighter in the future. Thanks for listening, and until next time!

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