Interview With: Augie Agyei and Eric Telly of Landow Performance

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This week we are joined by Alex’s fellow performance coaches at Landow Performance. We dive into strength and conditioning for mma. Augie Agyei and Eric Telly have been training fighters for 10+ years amongst other athletes. We primarily work with the Factory X professional fight team. These guys drop so many knowledge bombs in this short hour. I am insanely grateful to work alongside them everyday, and grateful that they joined this podcast. We hit topics of the strength and conditioning profession, approach to training MMA athletes, and approaches to coaching mentality. Thanks again to Augie, and Eric for this episode! Leave us a rating and lets get 2022 started right! Hope you enjoy it. 

Augie “Consistency” Agyei 

@persistance21  on IG and Twitter

Eric “Trust the Process” Telly



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