Interview With Scotty Miller, Head Grappling Coach at Factory X MMA

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ScottyJiuJitsu himself. My Jiu Jitsu professor and the head grappling coach from Factory X Scott Miller. Scott shares a ton of good insights about coaching, Jiu Jitsu, and working as part of a coaching staff. Scotty is one of the most hungry and adaptable coaches that we have met. He is always looking to be better, and make his life about his athletes. We talk a lot about the culture of an MMA team and how to make the best atmosphere around the athlete. We get into grappling a bit too! Our first skill coach on the podcast and we are excited to continue encompassing MMA coaching from all angles. Thanks Scotty for all the good information and being on the podcast! Reach out to Scotty on IG @scottyjiujitsu

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