Is the Road Work Worth It?

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0:14 “Gorgeous Hunk of a man” I must be doing something right! 

0:30 Road work and conditioning within training for MMA. Should you spend more time on the mats conditioning or getting your runs and biking in? 

2:14 Learn how to use your systems. Bike and weight room training simplifies the objective and narrows focus. What is the intent and your goal as a coach within the workout. 

5:04 The “Do whatever the F#$! it takes.” move. 

7:15 The use of conditioning intermixed with conditioning. Talk the same language, and cross educate between strength coaching, skills coaching, as well as therapy. Higher Level Programming. 

11:31 One take away for tomorrow: Plan the focus of the day for the conditioning. Recovery is half the battle when we are conditioning. Plan for the low intensity work and recovery workouts. The importance of Aerobic capacity. 

14:23 Strength and endurance are qualities that can be developed at the same time. Concurrent training. Novice trainees make concurrent gains readily. Does not mean gaining weight! 

17:23 Balancing within practice conditioning, have intent and a plan with specific conditioning. Combine the general and specific conditioning but guided by theory. Create a performance team of coaches and collaborate. 

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