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Athletes, Coaches, other bad asses: Overtraining is real! There are multiple factors that go into a training load but at the end of the day you need to know your own body. Coaches are generally well meaning, your inner-drive is well meaning but at times can be detrimental. Take charge of your training schedule, mental health, and workload. Offensive #1 against overtraining: monitoring. Monitor your schedule, your resting heart rate, sleep, general wellness, monitor your health. Chronic injuries do not have to be chronic.  Overtraining is not just an acute or extreme detriment for your performance. If you are overtrained, it could take the form of only being able to tap into 70% of your maximum on any given day. In any normal circumstances you should be able to hit 100%. (Think a global version of functional capacity.) Offensive #2 against overtraining: Say no when appropriate.  Remember hard work is necessary, but its not the holy grail. Training is to make you better, not to make you tired. 

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