The Micro vs. Macro Approach to Working With Combat Athletes

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Which is better? Micro vs. Macro approaches to coaching and training within MMA. We talk about when it is important to train with a team vs as an individual, monitor training daily or on a monthly basis, or making decisions to push forward or pull back. We agree that a mix of both approaches will work best based on contexts and athlete personalities. Coaches are there to write the plan, guide the process, and audible when necessary, but The athlete is the driver. The athlete is Luke Skywalker, and a coach is Yoda. 

We talk a lot about team training environment vs individual training, and weigh the pros and cons of each. The comradery of team training vs the specificity of Individual training and which one is better for athletes or teams. Which atmosphere is better for you? Do you go harder when you see another guy lifting more, or do you need to focus on your specific goals? Let us know and thanks for listening. 

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