Top 10 Tips for improving Combat Sports Training (Part 1)

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This week we break down 6 of our top 10 tips for improving combat sports training. Listen in to see how these tips can make a substantial difference in your in and out of camp training! 

0:45 Low hanging fruit, easily implementable training improvements. 

1:35  #10 – Specificity in training. Address personal weakness and strengths, not every movement looks like wrestling. Assessment! Basics can be specific to you. 

3:45  #9 – Systematized conditioning. Plan out your conditioning to peak performance. Energy System Development. 

6:05  #8 Quality… Quality Recovery Modalities. Quality means that there is an end goal and a long term plan. Know the why. Passive v. Active modalities. 

8:55  #7 Objective Measures. Things that you can track and having justification behind your work.  Did you get better? If you aren’t tracking, How do you know? Simplicity. 

12:00 #6 Adequate Rotational Training. Ipsilateral patterning – shoulders and hips rotate the same way in the movement. Teach rotation correctly. Through the T-spine. 

15:50 #5 Small Anatomical tweaks. Better position, better posture, healthier training. Balancing performance demands with everyday health. End range of neck and back. Press up (Up dog.) @warriorsporswellness IG. Alex: train your foot. Internal/external rotation of hip. Shoulder positioning, the low trap. 

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