Top 5 exercises for MMA Training

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Podcastin’ on the road, Austin joins in from coaching at Bellator 250 & 251. This episode covers the 5 best exercises we can transfer from the weight room to MMA. Focusing in on general exercises we look for exercises that give us the biggest bang for our buck. That is, we are efficient at performing them, there is low risk, and a high return on investment. We expand on each exercise and describe why & where we employ them in our training. A final important point that we make is that all of these exercises have a ton of variability and can be applied in almost any situation, which is another reason we chose them. Don’t do what we do, do it better! Thanks for listening. Reach out, we love talking with you guys. Enjoy.

Top 5 Exercises for MMA:

1. Breathing

2. Landmine Single Arm Press

3. Trap Bar Deadlift

4. Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat

5. Medball Slam to Shovel Pass

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