Top 5 Pieces of Lifting Equipment For Combat Athletes

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Training at home, on the go, or just trying to optimize your training with less equipment? We got you. We compiled a list with 5 of the most universally valuable pieces of exercise equipment. We decided on this list based on a few criteria. 1. Is it versatile? 2. Is it affordable? and 3. Is it practical to train with?  We love all of the pieces on this list and various exercises with them, we hope they serve as a good guide to getting you started with your at home, or personal training sessions! A great resource when building a home gym or thinking of innovating your training at home is @garagegymreviews. Here is our list and a few resources we mention along the way: 1. Sled.  Elitefts ProwlerRogue Dog Sled 1.2 Sled exercise examples2. Medicine Balls  XD Medicine ballsMedicine Ball MMA Exercise Post3. Kettlebells 15lbs, 35lbs, 70lbs.  Rogue KBsStrongFirst   & Onnit  – Kettlebell resources. 4. Airdyne or Some type of Air Bike.  Echo bike5. Trap Bar. Titan Trap Bar Kabuki Trap Bar

Also check out the episode for honorable mention pieces of equipment!  

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