Train The Whole Or Train The Parts

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If you care about you training, then organizing your training process should be a constant topic of interest. Too many athletes and fighters get stuck in the bodybuilding approach of training isolated body parts within each workout. This is not the best approach, *in general* for athletic performance training. but… Monday is Chest day, bro! Sure there are benefits to this isolation training approach. Adding mass, gaining specific strength, and specific rehab when the isolated part is broken are good examples. Organizing training by movement patterns, athletic qualities, and end goals is much more athletic for athletic success. Training the “part” has value, but is not the end goal. Performance with the “whole” is the end goal. Know your context, know the situation and train appropriately. If you have questions where and when to train isolated parts vs. training movement patterns reach out to us with an email, or DM in Instagram. We appreciate the support and look forward to hearing from you soon! 

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