Transitioning from Athlete to Coach

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Talking transitioning from athlete to coach, but more specifically collegiate wrestling athlete to MMA coach/support staff. We talk about our own struggles in learning the multiple artforms that go into MMA, but we also see how pursuing things outside of our comfort zone,  like boxing, Jiu jitsu, and muaythai helped us become better coaches. Austin provides great points about mastery, practicing what you preach and creating systems which see further than just knowing pieces of technique. This episode encompasses the biggest points that we have learned about coaching through our experiences. We love MMA, wrestling, coaching and getting better: That’s what this podcast is about. 

Thank you so much for listening, we love cultivating this community and doing things better. Let us know what you think and how we can do it better. Drop a like, and let us know what the biggest lesson wrestling, or mma has taught you. 

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