What Goes Into Programming Combat Athletes Workouts

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What goes into your strength and conditioning program? We try to explain as best we can the principles that guide our program writing and other factor that affect your training plan. How do strength and conditioning professionals create out of camp/ yearlong training plans called annual plans?  Where do we even start? There is more behind it that, lift heavy sh*t and get strong, we are trying to maximize performance by layering in different training qualities and exposing athletes to the optimal stress at the optimal time which creates robustness. We get al the way down to our though process in creating one single workout. This is an interesting listen for the athlete who has done a million S&C sessions and wants some background knowledge, as well as any S&C practitioners who want to compare and contrast processes! Enjoy and thank you for the listen. Check out our IG @buildingafighter for more posts and information in training for mma! 

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