Why Combat Athletes NEED Performance Healthcare.

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Tune in to listen to Dr. Austin and Alex discuss what performance care is, why you don’t need to be injured to seek healthcare, and a few tips to help you get started with Performance Care. 

0:48 Introduction into this podcast’s topic ‘Performance Care.”

1:16 Dr. Austin likes to talk.

2:52 Why should you or your athlete go see someone like Dr. Austin or another healthcare practitioner? 

4:00 Preventative care. Why? 

5:04 Toughness & Optimal Training. The trade off, consistenttraining at 80% or smart training at 100%.  Where does “pain” fit into training?

8:41 A bit of an insight into Fight Ready, Henry Cejudo, preparation, and recovery. 

10:00 Barriers to performance care, or going to see PTs, Chiros, and ATs. 

12:20 Sacrifice & Discipline.  When, Where, and Why? The mindset and culture of combat sports. 

15:13 “Healthier athletes perform better.”

15:50 How can I begin this process, without seeking out doctors and their price tags?  Starting on your own. 

19:00 A bit on dependence. 

19:50 A typical performance care session. (with Dr. Austin)

23:35 Strength and the process of reaching potentials. 

25:00 The Nervous System. What should we know about it? Motor Control. Neural Tension

29:12 Know the sport. Know your athlete.

31:35 Closing thoughts. Do performance care. UFC 249

Dr. Austin  IG: warriorsportswellness  gmail: austin@warriorsportswellness.com

Alex  IG: Strong_a.f  gmail: afriedman.strong@gmail.com

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