Why Sit-Ups Suck: Exercise Selection and Functional Training

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0:17 “Handsome Devil” Austin keeps making me blush. 

0:25 Exercise selection and defining each and every why. Sit ups suck. Justifying each and every “weird” exercise movement. 

3:20 Athletes are not as interested in exercise science as we are. Plan accordingly. We dig deep into each ‘why’ heavily in this episode as we try to educate coaches and athletes. This is not the level of explanation we would usually tell our athletes, until they ask or, are interested in knowing. 

5:40 Tangent on breathing and normalizing good movement and stabilization patterns. 

8:10 Little bit of Cuing 101, revisit our episode How to Better Cue and Coach Your Athlete in MMA

9:00 Three levels of “why” in your program. Shout out @dusportsperformance. You need to answer three whys about any exercise selection you make. 

11:20 Why sit ups actually suck. As a coach pick better, rather than picking more. “How much you sweat or how sore you are the next day is not a good measure of a workout.” 

14:20 Quick fire round: Exercise selection with a bit of context. Austin fields exercise selection questions and answers why he would prefer some movements and not others. He does well. 

20:40 “Functional training” What does functional mean? Your training the is increasing same effect as your training  goal.

23:40 Just because they are professional athletes does not mean that they are advanced in their training. 

24:30 Three planes of movement, redefining strength. Robust strength in multiple and varied positions > absolute barbell strength. Strength is specific, how can we make it general? Partly is progressing appropriately. 

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